Add Computers

From the Computers tab there are three ways to add new computers. For example, select a Static Group, click the cogwheel icon icon_cogwheel and select icon_plus Add New.


Type the name of the computer you want to add into the Name field. Click + Add Device to add additional computers or click Import to import a file with a list of computers to add. Optionally, you can enter a description of the computers.


Use the Conflict Resolution drop-down menu to select the action to take if a computer you are adding already exists in ERA:

Ask when conflicts are detected: When a conflict is detected, the program will ask you to select an action (see the options below).

Skip conflicting computers: Duplicate computers will not be added.

Move conflicting computers from other groups: Conflicting computers will be moved from their original groups to the All group.

Duplicate conflicting computers: New computers will be added, but with different names.

Click Add. Computers can be viewed in the list on the right when you select the group they belong to.

NOTE: Adding multiple computers may take a longer time, reverse DNS lookup may be preformed.

For more information how to add Mobile devices see chapter Mobile device enrollment.