Parental PIN – the four-digit Parental PIN protects application settings on a child's device. It also prevents children from uninstalling ESET Parental Control.
Parents' phone numbers – parental messages can only be sent from phone numbers saved in this list.
Parental Messages – when this option is enabled, parents can send a text message that:
oLocks the screen until a child reads it.
oLocates a child without internet connection and sends a link with a child's location to the parent.
These messages must be sent from a phone number listed under Parents' phone numbers.
Lock device on – specify whether all Parental messages lock the child's device or just those that begin with an exclamation mark (!).
Email reports – detailed summaries of your child's activities can be sent to you via email.
Frequency – set the frequency of email reports.
The week starts on – choose whether the week in your region starts on Monday or Sunday. This will affect the appearance of the calendar in Time limits for fun & games.