ESET File Security installation steps

Follow the steps below to install ESET File Security using the Setup Wizard:


After accepting the EULA, you can choose from 3 types of installation.

Installation types:


Complete - This is the recommended installation type. It will install all features of ESET File Security.
Core - This installation type is intended for use on Windows Server Core. The process is similar to complete installation but only core components are installed. Using this method, ESET File Security will have no GUI. You can also run core installation on a regular Windows Server if necessary. For more details about core installation click here.
Custom - You can choose which program features of ESET File Security will be installed on your system.

Complete installation:

Also called full installation. This will install all ESET File Security components. You will be prompted to select a destination location for the installation. By default, the program installs in C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET File Security. Click Browse to change this location (not recommended).


Core installation:

Core features and the command line user interface will be installed. This method is recommended for use on Windows Server Core.

Custom installation:


Lets you choose which features you want to install. Useful when you want to customize ESET File Security with only the components you need.

You can add or remove components to your existing installation. To do so, either run the .msi installer package you used during initial installation, or go to Programs and Features (accessible from the Windows Control Panel). Right-click on ESET File Security and select Change. This will open the installer the same way as if you run it manually. Follow the steps below to add or remove components.

Component modification (Add/Remove) process, Repair and Remove:

There are 3 options available, you can Modify installed components, Repair your installation of ESET File Security or Remove (uninstall) it completely.


If you choose Modify, a list of all available program components is displayed. Choose which components you want to add or remove. You can can add/remove multiple components at the same time. Click the component and select an option from the drop-down menu:


When you have selected an option, click Modify to perform the modifications.


You can modify installed components anytime by running the installer. This can be done without server restart, simply make modifications and it's done. The GUI will restart and you'll see only the components you chose to have installed.